"I had experienced a number of life's traumas (parent died, cardiac surgery, work issues) since 2019 and decided in 2022 to do a mental health check or audit to see how I was doing. I found Melissa an excellent and well rounded practitioner and we had weekly sessions for a few months. In that time I gained valuable insights and feel a great deal happier with the direction I'm heading at this stage in my life. She won't waste your time if she cannot help. I found her friendly, calming but unafraid to challenge when necessary. Also happy to share a laugh too. All of our sessions were conducted remotely but this worked exceptionally well."  Tom G.

"Thank you for the sessions supporting both of my staff members. I have had a catch up with both of them and they both speak highly of the support they have had. The feedback I have had :
-  I wouldnít be back to work now if I didnít have them sessions
- Advice very helpful
- In a much better space
- Got a smile back on my face"

"Thank you for your work
Crediton Care and Support Homes Ltd."

"When I found myself in a dark place, Melissa took me by the hand, and led me to the path to find my own way out. I am starting to enjoy and appreciate my life again. I cannot recommend Melissa highly enough and am eternally grateful." Joy S.

"Very helpful in identifying issues that need to be worked on. Melissa is very professional but warm and compassionate, would highly recommend."
- Janet Whelan

"Melissa helped me with my anxiety so that I could overcome presentations in order to progress in my career. On a few occasions, she guided me through some tapping sessions so that I could continue the therapy to manage my anxiety. She was professional and knowledgeable on the subject of mental health therapy. She was also confidential at all times which was really important to me."

"After more than 25 years of smoking and several attempts to stop, it was a revelation how easy it could be to stop. Only a few tapping sessions (EFT) were needed. Have stopped now for a month and no going back. Thanks Melissa." Gregory Lemmes Conseiller, Independent Property Consultant

"Melissa got me through the last lock-down and is helping me move forward with my own personal grief. Her counsel is always discreet and professional, yet friendly and always very positive. I have done many sessions with her on Zoom, which strangely lends itself very well to this kind of rapport. I thought it would be strange talking to a new person on-line, but in fact it was reassuring to do so from the comfort and security of my own space. I canít recommend The Mind Retreat highly enough." Linda C.

"I came to Melissa during what for me, was a very dark time and place indeed. She has enabled me to move forward and out the other side, through talking and teaching me exercises to use when I could feel those overbearing scary thoughts weighing me down. As I practise the exercises more, no matter how unusual it felt initially, they are becoming more automatic and a way of life. There is joy finally returning to my life that had been so lacking for several years. The road isnít done yet but I now feel I have the mental tools available to me that I can call upon when required. Thank you, Melissa."  Jill F

"Melissa, thank you for the great sessions we had. You opened my eyes to a lot of behaviourism I was not aware of myself. You taught me to adapt EFT in my daily life and it works great. I was operated a week ago, did EFT and felt calm before the operation. This was so great! Thank you for your great support." Hanneke S.

"Though there is still a way to go, I just wanted to thank you for...well for everything...but mainly for helping me to find the space to let him come to me. I have learnt so much from connecting with you, and I wish you happiness and fulfilment." Linda C.

"We came to Melissa looking for help in our relationship after struggling with disagreements over discipline for our children and various other things. We were both feeling like we had hit rock bottom and sought help. After the first couple of sessions with Melissa things already felt much better. She helped us reframe our thinking and provided us with actionable guidance for the challenges we had with our children. After a handful of sessions we are much happier, as a couple and as a family, and we now have the tools we need to deal with the challenges that children inevitably will throw our way! We are really happy we organised our sessions with Melissa and would recommend it to others in a heartbeat!"
Mr and Mrs C - Tarn et Garonne

"Hi Melissa, thank you for your kind words and your help with this stuff. For once in my life I feel as though someone hears me and it's okay. I like doing the exercises so keep sending them! I listened to the 10-minute meditation and really enjoyed the calmness it brought. Think I'll do those again. Thank you." Sheila M.